A Cinema Femme Fatale aka A Movie Chick

With dark locks hiding troubled eyes, she draws me in. its a story told many times, yet still thrilling on every occasion. It was a fortuitous meeting to be sure. Myself, a hardly human crazed mutant (too weird to live, too dumb to die) her, a sumptuous beauty who shook when not properly lubricated with ethanol. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” lets go with the latter on this occasion, trust me. We met under a sky illuminated by LED and candle light, no natural light to be seen in my apartment in those days (months). Our initial union was unorthodox to say the least and in this case saying the least is already too much. Her and her companion entered my den in the fall of… the exact month escapes me. Her intellect lured me in, her voice a revelation, and her words were whiskey in my ear. We fell in together in all senses for hours which turned to days. Hedonistic to be sure, but entirely honest. The two are not mutually exclusive.
Much ado about many things in Brooklyn that night. What exactly, is a question… not asked.

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