spirals 4

We returned to spirals as I have before. At the moment my spiral rises upward towards the skies. I look, head upturned, trying to make out the clouded shapes coming towards me. As the coem into focus I realize the tremendous beauty, the breath taking power of whats before me. What those things were is for me and me alone. All i can share is; ride the spiral to the end. That’s life boys and girls, or at least thats my life.

The Dark Knight returns

After a long time running silent I’m back to offer more tall tales and slightly sociopathic musings. As I’ve said before I make no promises. I have an assortment of new half true stories, misleading diatribes, and some utter nonsense about various romantic entanglements. It all reminds me of what I heard inside the absinth bar in Amsterdam; the laughter of the insane. “I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.” – Edgar Allan Poe.